Welcome Message

Dohyun Lee
Conference Chair

Welcome to the Asian Materials Data Symposium.
The development of new materials has been strongly linked to the competitiveness of national science and technology as well as manufacturing company technology from the past to the present. The paradigm for global new material development is changing from limited development methods by field in the past to openness, integration, and convergence, and is accelerating through cooperation in various technology fields such as material science, mathematics, and computer science.
Currently, countries around the world are paying attention to data as a means of innovation for the development of new materials, and various efforts and investments are continuing to achieve material innovation through data.
The 7th Asian Materials Data Symposium (2023 AMDS) will be held at Hotel Inter-burgo Daegu in Korea from October 24 to 27, 2023, to share global issues, technologies and agendas on data utilization areas to accelerate the development of new materials.
I hope this symposium will serve as a venue for exchanges with experts in various fields studying material data.